Grain Barge



31st March - 27th April

Jane Ormes is a silk screen printmaker. Her work is usually shot through with bright colour and animals in unlikely scenarios.

Primarily a printmaker, working two dimensionally, she also loves to dabble with 3D objects every now and again. She has made decorative wooden birdhouses from printed wood, cardboard printed dachshunds, and even families of wooden printed rabbits that slot together.


28th April - 1st June

Coo wants to bring the sense of wonderment to her work that she feels for everyday things - a walnut, a parsnip, an acorn, an orange…

“I give value to each little thing,” she says, “to show its importance in the world.”

Natural materials, such as orange peel, sometimes play a part in the production of the work, which takes the form of laser cut pieces, book works, etchings and collographs. Recently, Coo has been making etchings using soft ground to directly transfer the texture of things.


2nd - 29th June

Holly prints using a variety of techniques including etching, silk-screen, lithography, lino and wood cut. She has a fascination with the different qualities of print and how they can work in conjunction.

The starting point for her work comes from an interest in landscape, both rural and urban, she aims to generate an impression of a place, deconstructing source imagery to create something new. Holly documents places through drawing and photography to start the process, then abstract sections are used to regenerate pieces, sometimes using digital techniques. All prints are then printed by hand. .


30th June - 27th July

Katharina creates detailed and intricate drawings, mainly inspired by environmental concerns.

Katharina enjoys experimenting with printmaking and is currently selling hand printed products such as t-shirts, totes and digitally printed silk scarves.

Much of her work involves taking from her immediate environment re-using and recycling materials which has inspired her to set up creative recycling workshops under the name of Re-Craft. For the woodpecker screen prints Katharina has utilized found papers creating a variety of intriguing textures.
She has curated and exhibited in Bristol and the UK as well as having published work selling on Amazon and at the Welcome Institute.


28th July - 31st August

Pirrip Press is a small design + print studio, run by Alex + Georgie and specialising in silkscreen printing. They produce limited edition prints, paper products, apparrel and accessories, as well as working on bespoke stationery and self-publishing their own illustrated books.

They like to tell stories, and know that things have more authenticity if there's research, thought and a narrative of some kind behind them. So there's always a tale woven in to what they do.


1st - 28th September

Sophie is a freelance artist based in Bristol. She graduated in 2008 with a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree from the University of the West of England.

Her practice is process driven and employs printmaking and photographic methods of image making. She often favours experimental and hands-on techniques, such as the alternative photographic process of the cyanotype.

She draws inspiration from both familiar and foreign places, sometimes discovering the most interesting images come from our day to day life; noticing fresh things in a familiar background and looking at places which are generally overlooked yet finding beauty and intrigue within them.


29th September - 2nd November
(Trail on 11th & 12th November)

If you would like to take part in the WBA arts trail, then please visit their website.

If you would like to display your artwork in Grain Barge, then you'll need to first become a WBA Trail member and then get in touch with us via email:

For further information about our Exhibitions or if you'd like to display here, please email Dave Bain


3rd - 30th March

Dawn Cooper is a freelance illustrator, living and working in the vibrant city of Bristol. She creates densely patterned pen drawings, which are then scanned, assembled and coloured digitally to form colourful, folky illustrations.

Lucy Davey has been a freelance illustrator since graduating from UWE in 2005. In that time she has created illustrations and lettering for over ninety book covers, as well as images for advertising, packaging design and magazines. She is represented by the Artworks illustration agency.

3rd February - 2nd March

Elena Ortiz is a spanish printmaker based in Bristol. Her work is a result of her broad knowledge across a variety of printing techniques such as photopolymer or lithography.

Elena's practice is rooted in her everyday life which she portrays through drawing and photography. Behind Elena's work you can glimpse her interest for geography, nature and those small details which make our daily life different.

3rd January - 2nd February

Anna Harley is a Fine Art Printmaker, member of the Society of Women Artists, and works out of Spike Print Studio in Bristol. Anna's work is firmly rooted within the Landscape tradition, while the fabric textures that inhabit her prints are an echo of her Scandinavian Arts and Crafts background. She builds up her screenprints in layers formed from multiple exposures of her drawings, photographs and fabric fragments to create delicate, haunting and ethereal landscape images that evoke a past world of myth and legend.

25th November - 30th December

Underwater adventurer Kate Westaway is one of the world’s most accomplished underwater photographers and not only has she travelled all over the world photographing marine wildlife she also has a successful career in TV and film. Her images have featured in magazines all over the world including Time Magazine and she was shortlisted for the Terry O'Neill Award in 2009.

4th - 24th November

Local illustrator Dave Bain presents
a collection of archival quality prints of his popular bird themed artworks.
Themes of nature, play and love are woven into his artworks, as well as elements of freedom and escapism.
When not creating artwork, Dave can be found working on illustration commissions for local and national clients.

30th September - 2nd November

As part of this year's West Bristol Arts Trail, we play host to local
, contemporary, landscape artist Sarah Marks.
Sarah works with oil paints on canvas and is inspired by the beautiful West Country, particularly her home town of Bristol, capturing many wonderful aspects of the city, especially the combination of rich tradition and modern vibrancy.

2nd - 28th September

Looking Down in Bristol

These photographs reveal bits of Bristol that most people miss because, quite sensibly, they keep their heads up. But by looking down you can see other parts of Bristol … the discarded, the cracked, the neglected, the patched, the ephemeral and the unexpected beauty in the most mundane things.

Joan Wilson is a painter and photographer living in Bristol.

29th July - 31st August