Grain Barge



29 September - 2 November

Since September 2012, Steve Broadway has committed himself to producing a drawing at least every other day (on the other days, he looks after grandchildren, inhabits cafes and takes photographs). This exhibition features some of the resulting original ink/pencil sketches.

Before starting this ongoing project, Steve ran a successful architectural practice in Buckinghamshire for nearly 30 years, followed by 6 years working with young people in education in Somerset.



3 - 29 November

Emily has been working on her series of Bristol images since falling in love with screen printing one ordinary Wednesday in 2006.  In the last 18 months she has been experimenting with digitally colouring her drawings to enable her to create larger and more complex views of the city.

Emily is currently undertaking the final year of an MA in Multidisciplinary Printmaking at UWE and is enjoying seeing the city from a new perspective - looking down from the basket of a hot air balloon as a change from looking across at horizons.


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