Grain Barge




10 May - 27 June

Lara is an illustrator currently based in Hamilton House, Bristol.  She has written and illustrated a picture book called Herberto, and recently worked on Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy’s 2016 Christmas poem, The King of Christmas.

She is influenced by natural history as well as painters and writers such as Maurice Sendak, Marlenka Stupica, Henri Rousseau, Jon Klassen and Tove Jansson.



28 June - 15 August

Group show featuring - you guessed it - our talented, creative bar staff at Grain Barge. Enjoy.



29 March - 9 May

Sian Samuel is an artist currently based between Bristol and London. She is inspired by mythology, folklore, the natural world and the human condition. Her work explores the boundary between the physical and the ethereal world, creating images that often have a desolate and disjointed feel.

She works predominately in pencil, gouache and printmaking techniques.



15 February - 28 March

Monica Wilkinson is interested in movement, the human body, femininity and simplicity. The figures in her ongoing projects are very close to her heart, perhaps becoming unintentional self portraits.

These figures float, trying to find a freedom for themselves, but often with an expression of uncertainty which Monica believes comes with growing up and in to yourself. The intentional space in her paintings gives the figures room to move and Monica plays on the contrast of two themes; the push and pull of growing and finding your path in life.

Born in Norfolk, Monica Wilkinson studied Illustration at the Arts University, Bournemouth where she graduated in 2013.



4 January - 14 February

Lizzie is an illustrator currently living in Bristol after graduating from Falmouth University in 2016. Her work involves a mixture of traditional and digital materials, and she primarily draws people and animals.

She loves cartoons and comics, which comes through in her work pretty obviously, and tries to portray thoughts and feelings in her work in a way that both children and adults can relate to.



30 November - 29 December

Molly Palfrey is a young Bristol born and based artist; creating detailed, versatile black and white illustrations inspired by her passion for the appreciation and protection of the natural world.
Pieces for this exhibition will illustrate the winter season.

Her technique incorporates the use of dot work and organic patterns; also used to produce a portfolio of unique tattoo designs. Molly also explores the use of pyrography, burning her creative designs into beautiful locally sourced wood and furniture.


Rosanna Tasker

12 October - 29 November

Rosanna graduated from Bristol UWE two years ago and has remained in the city as a full-time illustrator. She has worked on a variety of projects and commissions including children's books, editorial and branding.

Her process involves creating imagery in layers, using pencil or ink, gouache painting and paper textures. The components are then assembled digitally to form a finished composition. Recently she has been putting more focus on abstract thought and is enjoying the challenge of responding to briefs conceptually as well as aesthetically.


Feathers & Fur

1 September - 11 October

Walk along Bristol’s streets, through its parks – or even just out into your own garden. What animal life is there? Bristol writer Emily Koch has teamed up with ten local illustrators to capture the lives of the city’s living creatures.

Ten of her haikus – short, three-line poems – have been brought to life for this colourful exhibition, which Bristol artist Dave Bain helped to curate. From squirrels to robins, foxes to pet cats, butterflies to toads - there’s something for everyone.

Emily is an author and journalist. Her debut novel will be published in 2018 by Harvill Secker, an imprint of Penguin Random House. She runs regular Bristol writing workshops as part of WriteClub, which she co-founded.

Artists involved in the exhibition are: Amy Timms, Lindsay McDonagh, Laurie Stansfield, Rosanna Tasker, Dave Bain, Harriet Lee Merrion, Dawn Cooper, Sarah Dennis, Bett Norris and Anna Higgie.


Patrick Atkins

20 July - 30 August

Patrick Atkins is an artist/illustrator whose work employs narrative, scale and atmosphere to depict quietly surreal landscapes. He’s interested in big things, small things, and the sometimes vast space in between them. Using pencil, print making and mixed media, his portfolio includes books, stills and even some recent forays into animation.


Lindsay McDonagh

8 June - 19 July

Lindsay has produced a collection of new original lino prints, based on a series of animal designs. Influenced by Japanese woodblock prints they have a bold graphic style, using colour to best represent the animal and texture carved into the lino capturing the sense of fur. The linocut reliefs are printed individually by hand without the use of a press, so each print is unique.

Lindsay is a Bristol based artist and printmaker and is part of the Drawn in Bristol collective. Her studio is based in Hamilton House, Stokes Croft.


Katharina Nyilas

27 April - 7 June

Katharina works in Bristol as an illustrator and creates detailed and intricate drawings, much of her work being inspired by nature and environmental concerns. Mainly she utilises traditional techniques such as painting and drawing. She enjoys experimenting with printmaking and is passionate about making ethical hand made products.

Katharina also takes the time to teach members of the community creative arts workshops to enable people to re-use throw away materials and teach them skills which they can take away with them. Katharina most recently ran a print making workshop for Bristol Green Capital 2015 and a mural community painting project for Bristol City Council.


Maria Lovell

9 March - 27 April

Maria is an artist originally from Siberia currently living in Bristol. She has studied fine art and continues to explore different techniques to represent her ideas. Much of her work is inspired by the sea where she spent her childhood, so sailors and gulls are just some of her favourite characters.

She works on canvas with oil, paper and ink or creates digital illustrations. All of her characters are different, but they have something in common - sailor striped tops!



30 November - 20 December

Molly Palfrey is a young Bristol born and based artist; creating detailed, versatile black and white illustrations inspired by her passion for the appreciation and protection of the natural world.
Pieces for this exhibition will illustrate the winter season.

Her technique incorporates the use of dot work and organic patterns; also used to produce a portfolio of unique tattoo designs. Molly also explores the use of pyrography, burning her creative designs into beautiful locally sourced wood and furniture.



2 - 29 November

Liane is an artist that is focused on the small and often hidden aspects in nature. Objects found lying on the grass from sheep’s skulls to delicate feathers are collected and bought back to the studio.

She composes still life artworks of these found objects, creating detailed ink drawings. Her delicately composed images highlight the amazing natural wonders that can be found if you look no further than a hedge or what lies at your feet.


Mary Corum

28 September - 1 November

A visual artist based in Bristol, Mary Corum creates pieces originating from her own finely detailed drawings, depicting places that she has visited and subjects close to her heart.

She incorporates her knowledge of screen-printed textile designs and love of line and pattern into her work, transforming her original drawings into beautifully crafted fabric artworks.


Cai Burton

31 August - 27 September

Cai Burton is a young, Bristol based artist. He creates black and white illustrations by hand using different types of line and patterns. For this exhibition, he wants to share his work incorporating zentangles and mandalas with Bristol inspired illustration, creating detailed and interesting pieces.

He's worked on a variety of projects across Bristol including creating Co-LABs Spring window display and T-shirt design as well as painting for the Upfest street art festival.


Caroline Savage

3 - 30 August

As part of a personal project titled “A Local’s Guide to Bristol”, Caroline's illustrations celebrate Bristol’s most treasured spots. With an emphasis on intricate detail and strong colour they pick-out the charming character of various places from around the city.

Produced in conjunction with a fold out pocket map of Bristol, these illustrations highlight the areas locals visit on a regular basis. The project includes images of The Grain Barge, The Bristol Ferry, The Old Duke, to name a few, along with Bristolians' comments on their favourite memories and places from around the area.

View / Shop

Andy Cook

29 June - 2 August

By day, Andy Cook is a CAD designer preparing professional building plans. His professional skill and enthusiasm for this design software led him to discover a joy in experimenting with its capabilities, utilising it to form works of art.

Spurred on by fellow artists and Bristol's vibrant creative culture, Andy has developed strikingly simple visions of our city through his knowledge of the CAD design software. His expert use of modest lines and blocks of colour bring a calming and ordered sensibility to his interpretations of our city's landscape.

Charlotte Rowlands

1 - 28 June

Charlotte has lived in the historic maritime city of Bristol all her life. She attended Clifton High School where she studied Art and won The Trevor Haddrell Award. Charlotte enjoys painting landscapes, particularly scenes with water, and Bristol’s beautiful harbour provides a plethora of attractive views. In her view, paintings of British beaches, the likes of Devon and Cornwall, and further afield such as Spain and Italy, evoke feelings of pleasure as many people are reminded of happy family holidays.

In addition, Charlotte has been commissioned to paint a wide variety of subjects from landscapes to jazz scenes to military aircraft. Due to her father being a Military Artist, she has been fortunate to showcase some of her paintings, predominantly scenes of Afghanistan, with the Royal Marines, a number of which directly helped to raise money for their Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF).

Over the years Charlotte has taken part in various Arts Trails and has exhibited her work in The Royal West of England Academy, The Grant Bradley Gallery, numerous Clevedon galleries and The Brick Lane Gallery in London.


Amber Elise

5 - 31 May

Amber Elise is an illustrator and screen printer who has honed her skills as an artist in Bristol over the last six years. She has developed a fresh, bold style inspired by the cut out of Matisse, the bright colours of Andy Warhol and the music of David Bowie.

Using a mapping nib and ink, Amber hand draws all her designs, brought to life using the vibrant palette that makes her style so recognisable. Murals, exhibitions and private commissions form the basis of her work.


Laura Elliott

30 March - 3 May

Laura Elliott illustrates and designs bespoke artworks and has a delightful drawing style. She is exhibiting with us a recent series of bird illustrations which are both joyful and capture a sense of playful fun.

She has also illustrated children's books amongst a wide range of other commercial work and currently works in Bristol under the pseudonym 'Drawesome Illustration'.


Ben Goodman

7 - 29 March

Ben is an award winning printmaker based in Bristol who exhibits extensively throughout the UK including regular shows and the Royal Academies.

Alongside his personal work he also works occasionally to commission for clients such as The Bristol Old Vic and Palgrave MacMillan.


Chloe Regan

3 February - 1 March

Chloé Regan trained at the Royal College of Art and exhibits nationally, with her work is on permanent display at the V & A Museum. She also lectures on Drawing and Illustration.

Her exhibition with us contains a selection of recent original drawings made from film stills and observation.



5 - 31 January

Alex’s photographs are the result of a trip he took to Venice in April 2014. The images seek to capture some of the city’s hidden corners and spaces as well as the beauty and magic of its history and architecture. He has chosen to display his pictures at the Grain Barge in the hope that its location will complement the work and inspire an appreciation of Bristol’s own waterside culture.

Alex is a writer and photographer living in Bristol. He produces work around travel and urban landscapes as well as writing journalistic articles and short fiction.


Caroline Cesareo

& Marie-Atina Goldet

1 - 29 December

Paper Chase

An exhibition of drawing and etching

For their first exhibition in Bristol, Caroline Cesareo and Marie-Atina Goldet present a set of drawings and etchings inspired by the idea of the exploration of the landscape.

While the one prints enigmatic scenes and creatures, the other one draws and improvises organic and messy architectures, making narration and abstraction converse.

Each in their own way, they evoke an experience of time, constructing an exhibition in the form of a paper chase.

View Caroline Cesareo
View Marie-Atina Goldet


3 - 29 November

Emily has been working on her series of Bristol images since falling in love with screen printing one ordinary Wednesday in 2006. In the last 18 months she has been experimenting with digitally colouring her drawings to enable her to create larger and more complex views of the city.

Emily is currently undertaking the final year of an MA in Multidisciplinary Printmaking at UWE and is enjoying seeing the city from a new perspective - looking down from the basket of a hot air balloon as a change from looking across at horizons.



29 September - 2 November

Since September 2012, Steve Broadway has committed himself to producing a drawing at least every other day (on the other days, he looks after grandchildren, inhabits cafes and takes photographs). This exhibition features some of the resulting original ink/pencil sketches.

Before starting this ongoing project, Steve ran a successful architectural practice in Buckinghamshire for nearly 30 years, followed by 6 years working with young people in education in Somerset.


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