Grain Barge

Buffet Menu

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50% deposit is required in advance and the remainder should be paid on the day.

Our chef Hollie is happy to accommodate any dietary requirements, so just let us know.

Light Buffet - 5.50 per head

Marinated olives v

Med Veg Frittata v 

Mixed salad v 

Grilled sausage with wholegrain mustard & honey glaze

Harissa cous cous v 

Red cabbage slaw v 

Served with three-seeded bread

Full buffet - 9.00 per head

Marinated olives v 

Spiced chicken thighs 

Harissa cous cous v

Garlic & rosemary roasted new potatoes v

Whole grain mustard & honey glazed sausages

Smoked salmon with caper berries & lemon

Med Veg frittata v

Red cabbage slaw v

Served with three-seeded bread


Selection of crisps & nuts            1.50 per head

Hummus                                       1.30 per head

Marinated Olives                         1.30 per head

Bread & oils                                2.00 per head

Cheese & grapes                         3.50 per head

Pickles                                        1.50 per head

Mixed crudités                            1.30 per head



Raspberry Frangipane Tart              3.00 a head 

Chocolate brownie                          3.00 a head


both served with vanilla cream