Grain Barge




1 per person, maximum 6 players per team

First prize is a choice between a) all the entrance money or b) a mixed gift pack of Bristol Beer Factory Ales.

Second place gets either b) or a) (whichever the winners don't choose).

Last place wins a little tiny bottle of Schweppes bitter lemon.

It's a good old fashioned pub quiz - with some twists. Our quizmonger, Paul, is to pub quizzes what Heston Blumenthal is to fish and chips. You can expect a few current affairs questions in the opening round to lull you into a false sense of security before the rounds take a more eclectic feel.
Yes, there are questions on all sorts of general knowledge topics - but there are no sports rounds or geography rounds. Instead we have "Famous Alan" rounds or "Round" rounds. Sometimes the rounds have a theme which is announced, other times it isn't, and you have to deduce what the theme is, and sometimes there are last-question rug-pulls to throw you off balance.

And if you don't like Alans, worry not! Each round is only 4 questions long, so it'll soon be on to something else. If you have your own favourite questions - we can include them - one of the later rounds is made up of questions you write! Each team is given a couple of slips to write their own questions on (and the answers please!), which are checked, and the best 4 or 8 read out in their own "wiki"-round.

When he is not being a quizmonger, Paul is a documentary comedian - either talking about misuse of the word Literally as the "Literally Tsar", or Grotto Superstar - tales of a department store Santa. By day he also has a proper grown-up job. Really. And on twitter: @parryphernalia


Pie & Pint night
Free pint of Bristol Beer Factory Ale when you order one of our delicious homemade pies.

Steak night
Any steak dish 10.00 / Bookings advisable
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