Grain Barge

Hold Bar


Monday evenings, 8pm
1 per person, maximum 6 players per team.

First prize is a choice between a) all the entrance money or b) a mixed gift pack of Bristol Beer Factory Ales.

Second place gets either a) or b) (whichever the winners don't choose).

Last place wins a tiny bottle of Schweppes bitter lemon.


Tuesday evenings, 8pm
Emerging artists from the Bristol scene take to our stage every Tuesday evening with a great and supportive crowd. Come and see them before they get famous. Or if you want to be in the limelight yourself, get down early and sign up.

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Supported by Korev "Cornish Lager With Soul"


Wednesday evenings, 7.30pm
A creative collection of events that will surprise and delight.

11 Jan: 5 on the door
Bubble Comedy return with ELF LYONS, a rising star of stand up with her honesty, daring-ness and uniqueness, described in reviews as "Enthusiastically peculiar... sexy, nerdy and funny" ( and "Endearingly eccentric..." (Fest).

Plus hilarious support from:
Degrees of Error Improv, Harv Hawkins and Eliza Fraser.

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Thursday evenings, 8pm
A showcase of quality live music from established and up-and-coming acts. Supported by Korev "Cornish Lager With Soul"

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Our Hold Bar downstairs is the perfect place for your next party.
Available for hire on  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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