Grain Barge

Hold Bar


Monday evenings, 8pm
1 per person, maximum 6 players per team.

First prize is a choice between a) all the entrance money or b) a mixed gift pack of Bristol Beer Factory Ales.

Second place gets either a) or b) (whichever the winners don't choose).

Last place wins a tiny bottle of Schweppes bitter lemon.


Tuesday evenings, 8pm
It's your chance to entertain on our stage. Join our Facebook group here.

Supported by Korev "Cornish Lager With Soul"


Wednesday evenings, 7.30pm
A creative collection of events that will surprise and delight.

>> Saturday 2 July / Buoyancy #2: Music from MISTAFIRE, MIRAPID, WONKINSON, KHANUM, HFO, LIONESQUE, COTRABAND CARGO CYPHER SESSIONS#1, SWALLOWFALL & FLYNN - and - LIVE ART from Pekoe, TDM, Creative infusion & Ellie Waring - plus - Live body Art from Pekoe FT, ORIEN STEVENS & IZABELA KOWALEWSKA. 4pm - close. 4 / 5 on the door. More

6 July / Chubby White Comedy night: Funny guys doing strange comedy. 3 on the door. More

13 July / Comedy night: Bubble Comedy presents: Nick Revell & Joey Page. With MC Jo Duncan. 5 on the door  More

>> 16-17 July / Harbour Festival More

20 July / Apocalypse Radio Show: Workers of sector 14, your glorious leaders have found your recent work production to be above satisfactory. As a result of this they have generously granted you two things. 1- An evening of allocated humour and 2. you'll need to click More

27 July / Science Showoff: Geeky comedy hi-jinx. An open mic night for scientists, science communicators, science teachers, historians and philosophers of science, students, science popularisers and anyone else with something to show off about science More


Thursday evenings, 8pm
A showcase of quality live music from established and up-and-coming acts. Supported by Korev "Cornish Lager With Soul"

Full listings here.


Our Hold Bar downstairs is the perfect place for your next party.
Available for hire on  Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Click here for more info.